Immigration Rally Irks Some Community Members

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Some members of our community are coming out in support of the
immigration raids.

Members of the hispanic community greatly outnumbered counter-protesters at today's demonstration, but that didn't prevent a number of people from speaking out against the boycott and illegal immigration.

Pam Douthhit and her boyfriend Jack Shoemaker say they are especially angry because the protest forced them to wait for the bus on the street.

They're even more annoyed that the big crowd is tying up traffic and delaying their ride.

"Now it interrupts our life," says Douthhit. "It interrupts everyone's life."

Eric Pryor, the president of "Save our State, Save our Sovereignty" is calling on anyone who opposes illegal immigration to boycott all fast food restaurants.

He's confident this action will have a bigger impact than the boycott enacted by the hispanic community.

"There are more people that feel the way I do," says Pryor. "If it has to happen, let it happen"