Jury Selection Continues In Mack's Reno Murder Trial

Jury selection continues in the Reno case of a man charged with killing his estranged wife and shooting the judge handling their divorce.

The trial entered its third day today with attorneys questioning a second panel of prospective jurors.

The first two days of the trial of Darren Mack resulted in the tentative seating of 12 jurors from a panel of 52.

Another 33 prospective jurors received instructions from the judge today before attorneys began questioning them individually.

One more juror was seated.

District Judge Douglas Herndon sought a show of hands when he asked such questions as whether prospective jurors had close friends or relatives who had been arrested, whether they knew any people on the list of 200 prospective witnesses or whether they would give more or less credence to testimony from a police officer.

The judge and the attorneys also asked personal questions about divorces or custody fights since Mack and his wife Charla were in the midst of both.

Mack is charged with killing his wife in June of 2006.

After allegedly stabbing her to death in the garage of Mack's town house, authorities say he drove to downtown Reno where he shot and wounded Family Court Judge Chuck Weller, who was handling their bitter divorce.

The judge recovered.