Protest Over Immigration Raids Produces Reno March

Marchers protesting last week's immigration raids on eleven McDonald's stores in Reno and Fernley protested today with a four mile march ending at the federal courthouse just south of downtown Reno.

More than one-thousand people joined the march, led by young girls dressed in pink with duct tape over their mouths and wearing handcuffs.

At the federal building, a handful of people opposed to the march set up across the street, blocked from the group by Reno police officers.

The group of seven chanted, "Go home," and the marchers responded, "We are home."

At Sparks High School, an estimated 150 students, predominantly Hispanic, poured out of Sparks High school at noontime to protest the raids.

Their signs read: "Don't forget the children, they're voiceless" and "We have hopes and dreams, take five minutes to listen."

The raids netted 54 workers suspected of being in this country illegally.

Eight have been deported to Mexico because of prior immigration violations.

Sixteen remain in custody at detention centers and the rest were released for humanitarian reasons and are awaiting an appearance before an immigration judge next week.