Flights Resume after Grounding

Air Travel
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A so-called ground stop that brought airline traffic to a halt at several airports in the West has been lifted.
A spokeswoman at Oakland International Airport says airports
were given the all-clear to resume flight operations at around 8:30
Departing flights had been held on the ground since 4:40 this
afternoon because of a radio failure at the Los Angeles Air Route
Traffic Control Center in Palmdale north of L-A. The center
controls airspace in the L-A region, northern California and parts
of Nevada.
Airports directly impacted by the outage included LAX, Ontario, Burbank, San Diego, Oakland and McCarran in Las Vegas. The ripple effect was much wider.
At Reno/Tahoe, 20 flights to effected airports were delayed. Three flights that were in the air were diverted to Reno/Tahoe to wait out the outage.
An F-A-A spokeswoman says at the time of the outage, air traffic
controllers could monitor the planes on radar but were not able to
communicate with them.
The cause of the outage is not yet known.
It will take some time for all airports to get back to a normal schedule. If you have plans to fly, you should check with your airline before going to the airport to make sure your flight is on schedule.