Nevada's Open Range Law

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A Gardnerville man wants an age-old law changed...after two recent accidents involving cows on highway 395 in Douglas County.
The open range law states if there's a collision between a car and a cow .the driver's at fault, not the livestock owner.
But, take that same scenario within city limits .and the cattle owner can be held responsible.
Two separate accidents, involving cows near mile marker 10 on highway 395, south of Gardnerville...caused a Sparks man extensive damage to his van.
While, a Garderville man was sent to the hospital in critical condition...after his motorcycle collided with the cow.
State transportation officials say between 1998 and 2002, there were more than two hundred car accidents each year because of cattle.
That's nearly four a week...causing vehicle damage, injury, or even death.
Brook Enos wants to see Nevada's open range law stricken from the record.
He was involved in an accident with three head of cattle six years ago...that left him with permanent nerve damage.
N-D-O-T does put up warning signs on roadways where livestock accidents re-occur.
They're bright yellow with a cow on the front...marking the area that's open range.