Costly Visits

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Nevada is a battleground state this presidential election...a state where polls show the race to be very close. So, we're getting an unusual amount of attention.
These campaign visits require extra security and that's straining local budgets.
The high cost of being a player in the national election. We've never experienced anything quite like this before....and it's causing some problems.
When a national candidate comes to town, the Secret Service comes with them, but their security doesn't stop there. That means overtime. The extra overtime for Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards' rally yesterday added up to $2 thousand dollars. When a sitting president or vice president comes to is tighter, the cost higher....about $23 thousand for the President's visit earlier this summer. And when the visit includes an overnight the Vice President's will this week...even more overtime. When Mr. Cheney leaves town the total tab for all the visits so far....more than $60 thousand dollars. That's $60 thousand that wasn't on the radar screen when the budget was put together.....and it's likely we'll see more. City Manager Charles McNeely thought the campaign committees ought to reimburse the city.
Apparently that's a pro forma response. So the city is left with the bill and the task of finding room in the budget.