Suspicious Death

A suspicious death led to a hazmat situation in Truckee, California today.
Truckee police say they were called to an apartment complex on Northwood. All day cars drove by this unassuming apartment complex turned upside town by the death of one tenant.
Truckee Police say they came to one apartment here after the tenants girlfriend called reporting him collapsed in the bathroom.
The original three officers were taken here to Tahoe Forest Hospital for decontamination, just as a precaution police say. As were some other apartment tenants. The complex was evacuated and hazmat specialists from the California Department of Justice arrived just after noon to further analyze the apartment and victim.
Officers were treating the incident with extreme caution calling the apartment a potential drug lab until proved otherwise. The DOJ investigators with their special clothing will ultimately have to make the call. A decontamination pool was set up for themn once they came out of the apartment.
The final verdict, the apartment was not a drug lab.