Reno Woman Who Killed Husband Won't Be Charged

A Nevada woman who claimed she killed her husband during a domestic dispute will not face criminal charges, the Bonneville County prosecutor says.

Throughout the investigation, Debra Schultz maintained that while they were living in Sun Valley, Idaho this summer she shot her husband of eight months, William Schultz, in self-defense.

Prosecutor Dane Watkins said Monday that William Schultz' history of domestic abuse, the circumstances of the case and type of injuries Debra Schultz sustained in the Aug. 28 altercation corroborate her self-defense claim.

"We don't think we could have overcome her belief," Watkins told the Post-Register.

"We can't disprove that she was relying on self-defense in this case."

Bonneville County sheriff's deputies who arrived at the couple's Swan Valley apartment found the husband in the bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest.

William Schultz was later declared dead at the scene.

Police say Debra Schultz, who now lives in Reno, told detectives she killed her husband, saying he returned to their apartment drunk, beat her for more than an hour and threatened her life.

Schultz said her husband started the fight after coming home from his construction job and consuming two bottles of whiskey and a six-pack of beer.

She said her husband repeatedly threatened to kill her with a .38-caliber handgun, but she managed to wrestle the gun away, then shoot him while he had his hand clenched around her throat.

Watkins said she suffered bruises on her chest, nose and neck, a bruised lung and a torn Achilles tendon.

Court records show William Schultz had a pattern of violence against his wife, including five pending charges filed in Reno, where the coupled lived before moving to eastern Idaho in May.

Debra Schultz has since returned to Reno, where she had surgery on her injured leg.