Reno March Planned To Protest Immigration Raids

A march tomorrow will conclude three days of peaceful demonstrations by people protesting last week's immigration raids at eleven McDonald's stores in Reno and Fernley.

The march will begin at Miguel Ribera Park and will conclude about four miles later at the federal courthouse south of downtown Reno.

Gilbert Cortez is president of Casa Latina Centro de Informacion and is organizing the march following last week's sting by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

At Sparks High School, members of the Hispanic Club will silently stand in front of the school for five minutes at noon.

Sandra Dominguez, a 17-year-old senior, says the students are demonstrating about how the children of employees rounded up last week are silent victims of the immigration raids.

Dominguez says it's hoped the school demonstration will persuade students not to skip school to attend the Reno march.