Not All Support Calls For Boycott In Reno

Backers of an appeal to Hispanic workers to begin a three-day boycott of local businesses in protest of immigration raids last week say their effort is off to a slow start.

However, organizer Gilbert Cortez said it would continue and end with a march tomorrow to the federal courthouse steps south of downtown Reno.

54 suspected illegal workers were arrested in Thursday raids at eleven McDonald's restaurants.

While members of the Hispanic community voiced concern about the tactics used by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that split families, they said that refusing to work or purchase anything for three days is not the solution.

Maury Centeno-Heslop is director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

She says a boycott would hurt the local economy and might evenforce some small businesses to close.

But she also has issues with the effects of the raids that targeted people allegedly in this country illegally.

As she puts it, `I don't agree about breaking the law -- But I don't agree about breaking up the families. What are those kids going to do?"