Brush Fire in Mustang

A small brush fire burned on a hill near Mustang Station Sunday. (9/30/07)
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A brush fire swept across a hillside in the community of Mustang Sunday.
It neared homes and an industrial area. An official says the fire was contained in about 20 minutes.
It burned only about two to two and a half acres, but firefighters say it could have triggered an explosion.
The wind blew flames rapidly along a hill behind Mustang Station, just off I-80.
Crews focused on protecting mobile homes equipped with propane tanks. The fire department says had the fire reached the tanks, they could have exploded.
The blaze also neared large tanks that contain recycled oil.
An official says it's unlikely those tanks would have blown up, but the oil could have helped the fire spread.
Firefighters, and even neighbors, were fast to attack the blaze.
Crews were able to get a line around the flames, but not before the fire reached a fence.
The cause is still being investigated, but one neighbor says she heard a moped backfire before the blaze broke out.
Firefighters also say the public should never try to put fires out themselves.