EEOC Sues Reno Car Dealer For Religious Harassment

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against a Reno car dealership, accusing it of religious harassment against a Jewish employee.

The EEOC said Jack Adler faced continued slurs and epithets while working at Champion Chevrolet.

According to an EEOC statement, Adler reported the abuse and asked dealership owner Jack Stanko Sr. to stop to it, but the harassment continued.

"The slurs were made in the open and even in front of the boss, Jack Stanko, and nothing was done about it," Adler said in the EEOC statement.

Champion lawyer David Houston said the charges are unfounded and
"amount to extortion of an employer who would never allow any kind
of discrimination."

He said Champion cooperated with the EEOC investigation, and claimed the investigator was determined to file a case despite a lack of evidence.

"It's a banner of lies to support an individual who was inept at doing his job," Houston said.

Houston said Adler worked at Champion for more than three years and was promoted to desk manager but left when he failed to master the skills needed to do the job.

He said Adler was given money, temporary use of a car and a recommendation from Champion when he left the dealership more than
a year ago.