Petitions Circulated to Limit Indoor Smoking

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Rival petitions are being circulated to limit indoor smoking in Nevada. But supporters of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act say a proposal by the tourism industry does little to protect public health and is meant to undercut their effort.
Backers of the new petition called Responsibly Protect Nevadans
from Secondhand Smoke Act say it will protect children from smoke
and the state's tourism industry from burdensome regulations.
Kendall Stagg is policy director for the Nevada Tobacco
Prevention Coalition, which is pushing the earlier petition. He
says the new measure would gut protections sought by his group.
The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act would ban smoking in day care
centers, movie theaters, arcades, government buildings, malls and
retail stores, school property, all areas of grocery stores and all
indoor areas of restaurants. It would allow smoking in the gaming
area of casinos, stand-alone bars that don't serve meals, strip
clubs and private residences that aren't child care facilities.
The new petition would ban smoking in most of those areas, as
well as museums, drug stores, concert halls and libraries.
But the new petition would allow smoking in the slot machine
areas of grocery stores. Restaurants would be able to allow smoking
in areas they designate as off-limits to minors.