Kerry Campaign Stops in Reno

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Former Senator Max Cleland, national co-chairman of the Kerry-Edwards campaign, defended John Kerry's military record and his goals for the nation while criticizing President Bush on both counts during a campaign stop in Reno.
On the eve of the September 11th anniversary, Cleland told a
partisan crowd that Bush has --quote-- "not been a first
responder. He's been a failed responder" over time, from his
Vietnam-era, stateside military service to his current domestic and
foreign policies as president.
Cleland, a triple-amputee from his wounds in Vietnam, says Bush
--quote-- "failed to respond and got out the best way he knew how,
which was his political cronies in Texas."
The Republican National Committee responded with a statement
from Paul Adams of Las Vegas, chairman of a Nevada-based
Bush-Cheney veterans' coalition, who termed Cleland
"attacker-in-chief" on behalf of the Kerry campaign.
Adams, an Army veteran, adds that Cleland's campaign involvement
--quote-- "can be defined entirely by outrageous personal