Prosecutor Sues Nevada Over Open Meeting Law

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Douglas County's district attorney has sued the state, alleging Nevada's open meeting law is enforced in one way when local governments are involved - and another when it comes
to state boards.
Scott Doyle says the lawsuit, filed in Carson City District
Court against the state, various state boards and Attorney General
Brian Sandoval, is needed because --quote-- "Nevadans do not like
double standards, and this case is aimed at stopping this."
Doyle says Sandoval's office typically completes an
investigation of an alleged open-meeting law violation after the
time for prosecution has lapsed and then issues an opinion stating
a local board or official has broken the law.
He says the local officials don't any opportunity to defend
But he says the attorney general has --quote-- "ignored
numerous, continual violations by state boards."
Sandoval spokesman Tom Sargent says there's "absolutely not" a
double standard in the way open-meeting law violations are handled.