Parent Joins in Fist Fight at Hug High School

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The incident took place after school Tuesday. A group of students were fighting, when the mother and aunt of one of the girls showed up to defend their family member.

"First it was four girls, then there were girls coming out of everywhere. The momma jumped in to fight while we were fighting with the other girl," said Titiana Viggs, who was suspended for the fight.

Viggs says she was assaulted by the parent of a classmate. Her mother Margeree wants someone to be held responsible.

"How is it that adults are able to come on school grounds to fight with kids and then leave? They were not arrested or detained or nothing," said Harper.

Hug High School principal Andy Kelly says campus police are still investigating the fight, but that it was an isolated incident where a parent felt the need to protect their child.

"Hopefully parents would be as inclined or more inclined to follow the law as kids we are are serving here in the school, but there are situations where parents step outside that," said Kelly.

Washoe County School District Police Chief, Mike Mieras, says parents are encouraged to get involved with their child's school...but involving themselves in a fight is unacceptable.

"When non-students or parents come on school grounds and cause problems with students or staff, that is inappropriate and if we have to take criminal action, then we do," said Mieras.

Kelly added that once a child is on campus, the school takes responsibility for them. If there's a problem, parents can't just take matters into their own hands. They have to check in, report it, and follow school exceptions.

"We've got an obligation as a school community to help all people, whether they are students or adults, learn how to mitigate conflict without violence. That's what we are all about," said Kelly.

School officials say this doesn't mean parents don't have the right to help their children deal with social conflict...but if there's a problem, the school wants to know about it...and getting involved in a fight on campus is never okay.

School police also say that an adult assaulting a child is a very serious offense, no matter where it happens.