BLM Horse Facility Near Reno Closed Due To 130 Animal Deaths

Federal land managers have temporarily closed down the National Wild Horse and Burro Center north of Reno, where 130 wild horses have recently died from health problems that could pose a threat to workers and visitors.

Officials for the Bureau of Land Management say the voluntary closure of the center in Palomino Valley about 20 miles north of Sparks is a preventive measure.

They say the salmonella bacteria found in some of the mustangs can infect people and domestic animals.

The center's 160 acres of corrals serve as a national holding facility for up to 17-hundred animals the BLM rounds up from public rangeland to be vaccinated and marked while awaiting shipment under the agency's wild horse adoption program.

The B-L-M says the problems apparently stem from about one-thousand unhealthy horses that were gathered in northwes
Nevada's Jackson Mountains earlier this month.

Many of them were extremely thin and weak due to a lack of food and water resulting from extended drought conditions.

The BLM says it will evaluate conditions at the center in 30 days to determine if the temporary closure should be extended.