Primary Election Voting Delays

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It wasn't until one o'clock today...that "all" the votes were counted from last night's Nevada primary.
Northern Nevada voters were using electronic voting machines for the first time this year.
At one point...twenty-five cartridges were missing from the registrar's office.
County workers didn't find the voting cards until 11 o'clock Tuesday night...four hours after the polls had closed.
A few cartridges had been locked up overnight at Sierra Nevada college in Lake Tahoe.
They couldn't be retrieved until Wednesday morning...and then had to be brought back down to Reno to be counted.
The rest of the memory cards were in-house...but had been misplaced in supply bags and printer bags, instead of cartridge bags.
The most votes missing at one time was about a hundred...but, county officials say a few mistakes led to a big problem when it came time to post the election results.
County officials say workers will be better trained for the general election coming up in November.
If there's any good news to be reported...every vote cast has been counted.
And, there were no gliches with the new electronic voting system.