Nevada Legislature Could See Big Shake-Up

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Tuesday's primary results bring to 13 the number of incumbent Assembly and Senate members who won't return to their old seats - and the November second general election is likely to push the count higher.
But a dozen incumbents would have to lose in November to equal
the turnover seen in the 1990 elections, which resulted in 25
newcomers in the Assembly and Senate. That included two new
senators who moved up from the lower house.
The 1990 change, the largest in at least two decades, was caused
mainly by a "throw 'em out" attitude among voters upset over the
1989 Legislature's controversial 300 percent increase. The pension
plan was quickly repealed - but not before it inflicted heavy
political damage.
Public antipathy toward the record 833 million-dollar tax
increase passed by lawmakers in 2003 was viewed by some as a basis for another sea change, but Tuesday's primary results showed just four incumbents losing: Senators Ray Rawson and Ann O'Connell, both Las Vegas Republicans; and Assemblymen Wendell Williams, a Las Vegas Democrat, and Jason Geddes, a Reno Republican.