Kerry & Edwards to Visit Nevada

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Democratic candidate John Kerry and his running
mate John Edwards will visit Nevada next week to talk about
President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq and their plan to help
military families.
Kerry and Edwards will make separate trips to Nevada -- a
battleground state Bush won four years ago. Polls show the
presidential race in Nevada to be extremely close with voter
registration evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans.
Edwards will arrive in Reno on Monday night to attend a campaign
rally. Kerry will stop in Las Vegas on Thursday to address the
annual meeting of the National Guard Association of the United
It will be Kerry's fourth trip to Las Vegas this year; Edwards'
Campaign officials have also announced that former Senator Max
Cleland will be in Reno this Friday to attend a rally with veterans
and first responders. Cleland -- national co-chair of the
Kerry-Edwards campaign -- will later fly to Las Vegas -- where he
will attend any evening rally with firefighters.