One of Two Animal Cruelty Bills Clears Committee

Cooney was a happy and healthy dog, until her owner gutted her with a box cutter and let her die a slow death.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - An inadvertent hindrance in animal cruelty reporting created by a 2011 law is one step closer to being closed after Nevada senators passed a corrective measure through committee.

The Senate Natural Resources Committee on Thursday passed SB73, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo of Las Vegas. A second bill tightening penalties for cockfighting was not voted on, but committee members could still consider it.

SB73 corrects a 2011 measure that made animal cruelty reports confidential. The intention of that bill was to allow people to report animal cruelty anonymously. But shortly after the law was implemented officials determined all of the report was confidential.

The new bill makes the report available to animal protection agencies, but keeps the name of the person who reports cases of animal cruelty confidential.