1 Seriously Hurt, NHP Asking for Help in Crash that Tied Up 395/580 for Hours

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RENO, Nev. -- The Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) is asking for help investigating an accident that tied up traffic on southbound 395/580 Saturday morning and left one woman in the intensive care unit (ICU).

An NHP representative says the accident happened at about 8:30am when the driver of a blue passenger car traveling on the outside lane thought she saw debris on the roadway. She moved to miss it and was hit by a pickup truck. The car then spun around, across the lanes, and was hit head-on by another pickup. The vehicles came to rest against the center divider.

The driver of the passenger car, a 55-year old woman, is in the ICU and her family is with her. So far they do not think she has any broken bones, but she does have a very serious head injury. The driver of the first pickup received only minor cuts and scrapes from glass and the airbag, and the driver of second pickup has no injuries.

Investigators did find a small trash can with leaves and sticks in it near the scene of the accident but they don't know if that was there before the crash or came out of a vehicle during the crash. NHP officials are encouraging anyone with who saw what happened or has more information about the accident to call investigators at (775) 688-2500.

The highway was closed between Glendale and Mill for about three hours. The highway patrol would like to thank all the drivers who were caught in the traffic back-up for their patience.