Partnership Could Bring More Docs To Area

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RENO, NV - Dr. Drin Chow has less than a month left in his internal medicine residency.

Currently he's at Renown Regional Medical Center taking care of patients.

Dr. Chow says it's rewarding work.

And he has plans to stay here and practice.

“I think people in general, as you were asking for, that go through a residency program, let's say in the Northern Nevada area, often tend to stay in Northern Nevada after wards. Me, personally, I tend to love the area I am practicing currently. That's why I'm staying,” says Dr. Chow.

Dr. Chow says he made his decision about internal medicine during medical school.

In the 3rd and fourth year at the University of Nevada School Of Medicine, students do their clinical work in Las Vegas and start to make such decisions about their future.

On match day they are connected to a residency program.

Now with the help of Renown, medical students like these can stay right here in Reno for their four years of education.

And they eventually will be able to go into one additional specialty not currently offered.

The hospital is working with the medical school to open up clinical work here in Northern Nevada.

Local physicians are also getting involved.

And eventually there will be a Neurology and expanded pediatric residency available.

“It really brings more physicians to the area in an area of Northern Nevada where we have a shortage of physicians,” says Dr. Chow

The University of Nevada School of Medicine hopes to have the clinical component up at running here at Renown by 2015.

While the clinical program allows medical students to stay here in Northern Nevada, the medical school say students can go down to Las Vegas and perform part of their clinical work there if they choose.