Behind The Scenes Of Wheel Of Fortune: Amanda Interviews Pat Sajak

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LAS VEGAS, NV - Pat Sajak is now in his 32nd year as host of "Wheel of Fortune."

Since his debut in 1981, he has earned three Emmy awards, a People's Choice award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Sajak admits he has a job that most of us can only envy. In fact, he says "Mother Theresa and I have the two finest jobs in the world."

Born and raised in Chicago, he started his career as a radio announcer and in the late 60's was sent to Vietnam. After returning from Vietnam, by the late 70's, he had made a big jump to being a TV weatherman in Los Angeles, and that is when he was discovered by Merv Griffin.

Sajak says, " Merv liked my work and when the position opened, he called me and said do you want to do it, and I said yeah." Although he says he never really saw himself as a game show host, he says the key to his success has been his ability to just be himself.

Of course the wheel wouldn't keep spinning after all these decades if it weren't for Pat and Vanna working so well as a team.

When he isn't on the set of Wheel, he says he is happy to lounge around in pajamas watching baseball (his favorite sport, by the way) or an old classic movie.

Sajak has appeared in more than six thousand episodes of "Wheel of Fortune."

His charity of choice is the Vietnam Veterans of America.