Barrett-Jackson, Hot August Nights: New Partners

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Wednesday afternoon the Reno-Sparks Convention Center is filling up with cars.

It's a sight that gets serious car collectors reaching for their wallets and fuels the fantasies of the every day gearhead.

Acres of cars of all descriptions. More than 400 of them, and all on the block over the next few days under the banner of perhaps the best known collector car auction organization out there, Barrett-Jackson.

They are new to Hot August Nights, something of a coup for organizers this year.

"I had apprehensions," admits Craig Jackson. "The mayor had us come here. We had a meeting in the board room at the Peppermill and he went right around the table asking everyone 'You've got to make this work.'"

Barrett-Jackson's appearance here marks something of a change, not only for Jackson's organization, but Hot August Nights too.

"Normally we go to a city where nobody else is. We don't tag off other events. Other events tag off of us. Here's it's more of a partnership and hopefully at the end of the day two and two add up to more than four."

For Hot August Nights, it's an upgrade. They've had auctions before, but Barrett-Jackson with its national exposure raises the bar, perhaps bringing a new clientele to the town and the event.

The cars Jackson's selected though will be familiar to any participant. Lots of muscle cars, hot rods, stockers. But they fall into two different categories.

"Modified cars that you can go out and have fun with and then the numbers matching blue chip cars."

Like the Corvettes from the Munday collection. They may draw the highest prices.

It's something of a gamble for all concerned, but Jackson says he'll know at the end of the week by the prices paid and by a follow up survey, if it's paid off.

"As long as everybody is happy at the end of this, the consigners, the bidders. May staff loves dealing with everybody they've been dealing with and that's a great thing."

There's a VIP party Wednesday night. The actual auction starts at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Craig Jackson shares his impressions of the town, Hot August Nights and the collector car world during his interview with us. You'll find it in its entirety on this web site.