Fun Sibling Group Needs Forever Family

We're all brothers and sisters, but we still don't like each other.

Sit them all down together, and you can tell, these four siblings are a strong unit. Even if they admittedly have their sibling spats. But this is one time I got 12 year old Tonisha, ten year old Tonique, nine year old Antwone and seven year old Antique to sit still the afternoon we hung out at Jump Man Jump. They are a high energy group.

NATS: (Sarah) It smells like boys feet in here. (Sister) That's Antique!

Antique likes basketball, Antwon likes soccer.

S: Who would you say is the loudest? Antwone points to Antique. Antique says Tonique.

Antwone says, “I'm quiet sometimes.”

When it comes to parents, Antique and Antwone have their idea about what they want. Their mom:

Antique: Cooking my Dinner.
Antwone: Homework.
Antique: Cooking whatever I want.
Antwone: Help us with our homework.

S: What is important to you for a dad to do?
Antwone: Give us money.

And these boys know their forever family will help them grow into men.

S: What do you think being a man means?
Antique: Being nice.
Antwone: Being a gentleman.
Antique: Getting a JOB!
Antwone: Holding the door for a woman.

Ask the boys about their sisters, and, well…

Antwone: Tonique is loco.
Antique: Tonique goes crazy a lot.
Antwone: Tonisha is not crazy.

Tonique: My brothers are freak shows.

Obviously the feeling is mutual. But in a candid moment, sweet sentiments shared between the young ladies.

S: What do you think is her best quality?
Tonisha: She's cool. (edit) She has a good personality.
Tonique: Thank you!

NATS: Look Sarah!

While Tonisha and Tonique are vastly different, Tonisha says Tonique is a slob. Tonique says Tonisha is a neat freak. They do have some of the same loves. They both enjoy cheerleading, which they had to give up, but hope to resume someday. Both their favorite subject is math.

S: Would you call yourself a math nerd?
Tonique: A math geek.
Tonisha: Math nerd. I call myself a math nerd. (hilarious look)

And while neither sister wants to be adopted, they both do have the desire for a steady mother figure.

Tonisha: Help us on the stuff that will happen when we're older. Turning into ladies. Like if we need help with something... Bathingsuit shopping.

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