Teacher surprises family at baseball game for Father's Day

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -- One family got an emotional Father’s Day surprise at Four Winds Field, a baseball stadium in South Bend, Indiana.

Matt Melendez, Michigan City native and English teacher at a university in China, came home two months earlier to surprise his parents on Sunday. He chose Father’s Day because he wanted “just to surprise my parents.”

Melendez’s mother and father were both shocked to see him as they arrived at the stadium.

“You know I missed him so much,” his mother said. “He’s our baby.”

His father used one word to describe the surprise saying he was “shocked.”

Melendez’s older brother, Nick Buckland, says that he was happy to see such a great moment and wishes other fathers and parents could experience it.

“I wish everybody the joy that my mom and stepdad just experienced,” said Buckland, who was a part of planning the surprise.

Melendez says he will be home for two months before leaving for China once again.

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