Why it is an especially dangerous time for pedestrians

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) With winter on its way out, the sun has been making a comeback. And so have pedestrians.

"The weather is beautiful, they're walking to work," says Officer Tim Broadway with the Reno Police Department.

All the sudden extra foot traffic is why Reno Police say they tend to see more accidents involving pedestrian and cyclists this time of year.

"We went through such really long, wet, stormy weather so people really want to go out and enjoy the weather," says Officer Broadway.

Police say there is no better time to remind drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to watch out. Since January 2017, 19 pedestrians have been killed on Nevada's roads, including a 17-year-old boy who was hit Monday night in Fernley. March 16, law enforcement will be cracking down on drivers who don't stop for pedestrians. It's a Joining Forces event that will include Reno Police, the Nevada Highway Patrol, RTC, the City of Reno, and more.

They will have an officer dressed as a leprechaun cross the street and drivers who don't stop will be cited.

"To make sure that we're getting out there and educating the community on pedestrian safety," says Officer Broadway.

They will target some of the most dangerous areas, including Fourth and Washington near downtown Reno, where there have been several crashes involving pedestrians.

But with Daylight Saving Time, police say residential areas have also become more of a concern as more kids play outside after school.

Parents like Rick Altenburg of Sparks agree with police that drivers need to pay more attention.

"Slow down, keep your eyes open, never be in too big a hurry that you're not being careful," he says.