Washoe School Board discusses superintendent evaluation

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees will discuss a performance evaluation for Superintendent Traci Davis at its public meeting Tuesday, December 13. The public discussion, item 5.10, will be after 4PM, the district says, in an effort to make public comment more convenient for anyone who would like to offer opinions on the matter.

“It’s important for every individual board member to have the opportunity to express himself or herself, and I consider that one of the most extraordinarily meaningful values we all support as a team,” said Board President Dr. Angie Taylor. “The consultant who will present this report has taken the time to gather individual trustees’ opinions as well as the collective thoughts of the board, so this has been a thorough process that afforded each of us the opportunity to provide input.

“Now, in a public forum, I look forward to discussing this matter with my fellow trustees and hearing from members of our community,” President Taylor said. “So much of our progress as a district depends on the leadership of the superintendent, working in concert with the Board of Trustees. It’s critical that we get this right, and that we continue to inform the superintendent about where we see advancement and where we want to provide further direction. I encourage our community to take an active part in the process.”

The Board of Trustees is charged with "setting district goals and providing guidance and leadership in achieving them." The superintendent works with the board, which evaluates the superintendent’s role and performance in leading the district toward the goals. The current employment agreement, which was signed in 2015, specifies that evaluations will take place every year and that trustees will also consider whether Superintendent Davis will receive a bonus.

As part of the evaluation process, facilitators conducted face-to-face interviews with each member of the Board of Trustees. The district says surveys were sent to parents, community members, and district personnel who provided their input on Superintendent Davis’s performance.

“I look forward to a dynamic and vibrant discussion,” said President Taylor. “An honest appraisal of our progress and frank discussions about where we are succeeding and where we need to improve is essential as our District continues to carry out its mission of ‘Every Child, By Name and Face, to Graduation.’ We owe this to our students, our staff, and our community.”