WCSD plan to build three new schools goes forward

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"This is a quiet neighborhood," says Kimberly Prestigiacomo, who owns a home right next to where Sun Valley's first middle school will be built. She has a 12-year-old son who goes to Sparks Middle School and says another middle school in the area is needed.

"The classrooms are overcrowded. It's just ridiculous," says Prestigiacomo. "They don't get all the attention they need."

The Washoe County School District will have the money to acquire that land, thanks to tax revenue from WC-1 passed last November.

On Tuesday, the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept and approve the $200 million budget recommended by the Capital Funding Protection Committee to build three new schools. Those schools not only include the Sun Valley middle school, but also a new middle school in Spanish Springs and an elementary school in the South Meadows area.

The goal is to have the middle schools constructed by August 2019 and the elementary school completed by December 2018. The Washoe County School District says that the two new middle schools alone could potentially relieve overcrowding in 25 to 30 schools and impact about 15,000 students.

"It really is going to impact a lot of overcrowding concerns all over the county," says Malena Raymon, WCSD Board of Trustee. "So even some of these older schools that don't have the ability to expand, they're going to see some relief even from this."

But some classroom congestion will be relieved even before those new schools are built. The 22-classroom expansion of Damonte Ranch High School is expected to be finished by January or February, according to Raymond.

"It's working," says Raymond, in reference to the funding going towards the the district's building plan. "I mean, the most exciting part of this whole process is how quickly it's happening."