WCSD checking classroom AC systems

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Facilities and maintenance workers are going through every classroom in the Washoe County School District to make sure the air is circulating and temperatures can get cool enough no matter how hot they get outside. The district does this check of classrooms and the HVAC systems on campuses every year two weeks before the start of school. It's protocol that is important, since the district shuts off the air conditioning at schools for most of the summer during the break.

Photo David Mark / Pixabay

"They'll take a look and if they do have a problem, they'll submit a work order and it comes into our HVAC shop," says Charlie Hoppe, Facility Management Director for the Washoe County School District.

Since workers started checking the HVAC systems and classrooms last week, they have uncovered 32 problems. The district hopes to get them all repaired -- and any new ones that turn up -- by August 7.

"The hope is to have all the schools up and running 100 percent at least for the start of school," says Hoppe.

Keeping students cool in the classroom is so important to the Washoe County School District, the first day of school has been pushed back at Nancy Gomes Elementary School in Cold Springs, where a new cooling system is replacing the old one.

"It's beyond its useful life. It's referred to as a swamp cooler kind of system, so it doesn't necessarily meet the comfort levels of the students because if it's really hot out, it's only going to cool it to a certain degree," says Hoppe.

The district is spending more than a million dollars on the new cooling system and related projects and upgrades that won't be ready until August 14. That's when classes will start at Nancy Gomes Elementary School instead of on August 7, like most other schools in the Washoe County School District.