1000s of Harley-Davidson riders expected for Street Vibrations

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) You’ll be seeing plenty of motorcycles around northern Nevada this week, as the Street Vibrations Fall Rally is back for another year.

“There must be about 50,000 motorcyclists that come visit us here at the dealership,” said Tim Conway. Assistant GM of Chester’s Reno Harley- Davidson.

And according to the experts at Chester’s Reno on Market Street, the vast majority of those will be riding Harley-Davidsons.

“I would have to say about 90, 95%,” Conway remarked, when asked about the percentage of riders that would be on the popular brand of bike.

And it’s a group mentality that leads to that high percentage.

“We’ll see one guy come in and get a motorcycle, and then his whole group of friends will come in and get one as well,” said Sean Kerr, who sells bikes at Chester’s. “I’ve ridden other motorcycles and they tend to individualize, whereas Harley riders tend to run together.”

Those at Chester’s are hoping for a big year in terms of sales, with a wide variety of Harleys available.

“We had a record year last year, so we hope to repeat that this year,” Kerr added.

Currently the most expensive motorcycle you will find at Chester’s Reno sells for just over $42,000, but Conway says he has seen one quite a bit more expensive than that, at a previous edition of Street Vibrations.

“We had one here decked out all in gold,” he said. “So you can imagine how much that was.”

Virginia Street in downtown Reno will be blocked off for this event. There will be More than 250 vendors as well as live entertainment on six outdoor stages.