Staying cool at the Rib Cook-Off

SPARKS, Nev (KOLO) -- The 29th annual ‘Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off’ is officially underway and organizers say it's off to a good start. But the hot temperatures play a part in the attendance.

"I can't think of not coming here," said Steve Micheil, attendee.

Thousands of people headed to Victorian Avenue to enjoy the annual event, and while many go for the ribs, others are enjoying different items to stay cool.

"Eating a slushy and then drinking some water," said Emma Franklin, attendee.

"It's usually not this hot, but plenty of water,” said Andrea Micheil, attendee

"Definitely plenty of water and have a couple of beers. Find the places that have misters and stand there for a few minutes," said Steve Micheil.

Beating the heat: event organizers are helping people do just that. One way is a first aid station set up near Victorian Plaza Circle. People feeling light-headed can get treatment, and people in the rib village have a larger tent to block the sun.

"We use to have umbrellas, so that shaded a little bit. With the wind, it's a little wonky and not that easy to handle with it. Management really just made a decision to try to make it a better experience and that is the result," said Randy Kennedy, Nugget Casino Resort

Rib cookers are also beating the heat. Many have stocked up on water and have kept their fans running continuously.

"We are from Florida, so we are used to the heat," said James Hill, rib cooker