State employee arrested again, this time for heroin

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CARSON CITY, Nev., (KOLO) A state employee already under investigation for a record of DUI arrests is behind bars again. This time the charges include heroin.

Robert Craig Reasoner of Carson City, a state employee accused of trying to buy heroin, among other offenses. Carson City Sheriff's Office photo.

Thirty six year old Robert Reasoner, a supervising investigator with the Nevada Transportation Authority, was arrested In early January after he apparently drove his state-owned vehicle into another in Carson City.

When Sherry Stafford investigated a crash outside the Carson City real estate office where she works. She emerged to find her SUV, hit by another car, totalled.

The driver was nowhere in sight, having fled on foot, looking one witness said, as if he looking for some place to hide. In the vehicle a couple of cans of beer and a bottle of pills.

Too much time had passed by the time 36 year old Robert Reasoner was located to charge him with DUI. Instead he was arrested for hit and run and having an open container of alcohol in his state owned car, both misdemeanors. He was released on a thousand dollars of bail.

But it would turn out barely an hour before he had been in another accident and was cited for failure to drive with due care.

And Stafford would learn he had three DUI's on his record, two after he was hired by the state.

As all this came to light in news reports, an investigation was launched into how he had managed to keep his job and six-figure salary while collecting DUI arrests.

That investigation continues though it led yesterday to the dismissal of his immediate supervisor.

As a classified employee, however, Reasoner has remained on administrative leave.

Tonight he is behind bars again. This time the charges are felonies.

According to reports obtained by KOLO 8 News Now Reasoner met with a confidential informant yesterday seeking to buy three grams of heroin.

An undercover controlled buy was set up through the TRI-NET Narcotics Task Force.

When Reasoner and his mother showed up. He was arrested.

To top it off, he was also driving drunk with a half bottle of vodka in his car.

He's being held on the drug charges, DUI and violating a pretrial court order. His mother has not been charged.

Department of Business and Industry Director Bruce Breslow says changes are being made including a yearly review of driving records and background checks on investigative personnel in the future.