Rock Boulevard reopens in Sparks

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Nevada Department of Transportation plans to reopen a portion of Rock Boulevard in the overnight hours. For businesses, it's the day they've been waiting for.

"We're so excited," said Linda Potter of Lightning Auctions on the corner of Rock and Freeport. "That will help a lot with all the businesses here, not just ours."

Rock Boulevard from Glendale to Freeport has been closed since July as part of NDOT's Glendale Avenue reconstruction project. It helped cut project time nearly in half as crews put down a concrete surface at the intersection of Rock and Glendale.

Now one lane of Rock in each direction will reopen, in time for the morning commute September 8, 2017, but work along Glendale from McCarran to Kietzke will continue.

"This project will completely reconstruct and rebuild Glendale Avenue for a smoother and safer drive for the 14,500 vehicles that drive it each and every day," said Meg Ragonese of the Nevada Department of Transportation.

It's a $14 million project that's about halfway done.

"We are looking to wrap up the major elements of construction by the end of the year with the potential of some finishing work next spring," Ragonese said.

Access remains open for businesses along Glendale but lane restrictions are still in effect.

"Drivers should keep in mind if they're just traveling through, they should probably find an alternate route through the construction area if they're not going to a local business," Ragonese said. "We want to thank all the stakeholders, drivers and businesses who've been so understanding of how important this project is to make Glendale Avenue a smoother, safer drive for years to come."