Riding a hundred miles to empower abused children

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) May 20, 2017, bikers with the nonprofit group Bikers Against Child Abuse rode a hundred miles to raise awareness of their mission to empower abused children.

"The only reason we exist is to help kids that have been hurt," said Rev, a member of the Reno Chapter.

They made stops in Sun Valley, south Reno, Carson City, Fallon and Sparks.

"We hope this community will embrace us and refer kids to us; we can take every kid in northern Nevada," Rev said.

The group works with abused children referred by local social service organizations.

"We bring them into our group and make them little bikers, make them part of our organization," Rev said. "We allow them access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve them by helping them not be afraid in the very scariest time of their lives."

It's an introduction that won't be forgotten.

"When children are referred to us we go and meet them where they live, we take the entire chapter with us so there are a lot of motorcycles rolling down the street. We give the kids a little leather vest like ours. Our bottom rocker says 'No child deserves to live in fear.' Theirs says, 'I will not live in fear.'"

It's a lifelong membership and a point on the road to recovery.

"Usually they're pretty shy to begin with and they're wounded, they're hurt and they don't know if they trust adults in general," Rev said. "By the time we leave, usually the kids are crawling all over our bikes, honking our horns, ordering us around, so there's a pretty significant transformation just on that first visit. Then, in the weeks to come, we see them come out of their shells; we see them become empowered."

It's a support group that will go anywhere.

"We'll escort them to court if they have to testify or make a statement," Rev said.

You can get more information at 877-333-3097.