Residents thankful no structures destroyed by Cold Springs Fire

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- Rick Brown has lived in the Red Rock area since 1980. The Cold Springs Fire came close to threatening that.

"It got up to the top of the hill and I saw the fire had crested over from Cold Springs. It was headed my way and I should get off the hill," said Brown.

All he could do was hope everything would turn out well.

"It came too fast and hot and high. All I could do was get the animals in the car and get on down the drive," said Brown.

The fire destroyed his well house, but the tank wasn't damaged. Cold Springs Fire came close to destroying his home, but fire crews miraculously saved the home he built himself.

Brown's story is the same as other residents affected by the Cold Springs Fire. The Bugica family was in California when they heard about the fire, and it was something they didn't want to believe.

"Don't think about it and it might be better. Really it was just kind of don't worry about it," said Austin Bugica.

Friends of the family helped move the animals. The fire crews were also able to save the Bugica’s family home.

"I was stunned! I couldn't believe that would actually happen. I didn't think the fire was that bad, but out of the blue it was," said Tyler Bugica.

The family got back as soon as possible to find the damage that was done around their property

"We were all amazed. This is worse than what they told us," said Tyler Bugica.

To show their appreciation, the Bugica family posted a thank-you-to-firefighters poster on their property, a message felt by countless others this fire season.

"Amazed! I credit the fire people for that. It's kind of courageous to drive up that driveway during a fire storm. I admire them completely," said Brown.