Rescue dog named Reno mayor for a day

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A high honor was bestowed upon an unusual candidate at Reno's City Hall Thursday. Mayor Hillary Schieve presented a proclamation naming Newfoundland/Lab mix Everett honorary mayor for the day. His climb to the top is a true rags-to-riches story going from shelter rescue to top dog.

"He's very boisterous. Very loud. He always speaks his mind," says Lisa Rosen, describing Everett's personality. She and Robert Stachow adopted him from the SPCA two years ago, after learning that big black dogs were least likely to be adopted. They decided that was exactly the kind of dog that would complete their home. Now, they say he's ready for the challenge of leading the city for the day.

Mayor Hillary Schieve says Everett won't have much responsibility, but she's happy for his support. "It's a ton of fun, and he'll do a great job. I just know it," she said. After reading the proclamation, both mayors headed out for a few photo opportunities.

His biggest supporters Lisa and Robert won this exclusive experience for their best friend, placing the highest bid on a prize package at the SPCA's annual charity event "An Affur to Remember." This was the first year for the auction item, and Mayor Schieve says she wouldn't mind sharing her seat again next year. Everett ended his day back at the SPCA with a "retirement package" including a dog bed, a bowl, gift basket and a 60-pound bag of dog food.