Reno complex looking for help finding tree thieves

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Residents and owners of a Reno apartment/condo complex are asking for help finding the person or people who took two trees that will cost about $1,000 to replace.

Since the beginning of February 2017, two pine trees at Edge Water at Virginia Lake, which overlooks Virginia Lake, have been cut down without permission from the property's owner. Each tree was eight to ten feet tall.

J Witt, owner of Edge Water, says, “It appears as though someone has cut down, by chainsaw, two pine trees ranging in size from eight to ten feet from the property at Edge Water. This is destruction of property and a public safety issue. We have filed a police report, and we’re offering a reward for the arrest and indictment of the responsible party.”

If you have information about this or see vandalism taking place, you're asked to contact the Reno Police Department at 334-2121.

Photos courtesy Edge Water
Photos courtesy Edge Water