New service delivers groceries to your door via app

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Gone are the days of having to do to the grocery store to get your own groceries. Instacart launched in Reno Thursday, connecting customers to shoppers.

"Instacart is a grocery delivery service. We deliver same-day, often in as little as an hour," said Nata Kovalova with Instacart.

The service allows customers to order groceries from an app or a website. Customers add items to their cart, put in their credit card information and wait for the items to be delivered.

"We connect you with shoppers in your area, they go to the grocery store and pick up all of the items that you would usually order from all of your local stores," said Nata.

For many retailers, the prices through Instacart are the same as they are in store.

"Once you select your retailer in your app, you will see if the prices are same in store, if not we'll let you know what the markup is," said Nata.

When a customer places an order, there is a ten dollar minimum purchase and a 5.99 delivery fee. Orders are usually delivered within an hour and if a customer forgets something, they can contact the shopper and make adjustments.

"We like to keep the shoppers and the customers connected to make sure the order is up to everyone's expectations," said Nata.

Customers don’t have to have groceries delivered to themselves. They can also be delivered to friend or family member.

"You can log-in to your app and input whatever address you would like. So if you want groceries delivered for a family member, just put in their delivery address and they will be able to receive the groceries at their door," said Nata.

In Reno, the service is currently offered at Smiths, CVS, Costco, Smart & Final, Cash & Carry, Petco and Natural Grocers.

Alcohol is not currently available for delivery in our area.