New development in city manager investigation

Reno, NEV (KOLO) Nearly one month ago, on August 4, 2016, Reno's City Council approved spending funds to investigate City Manager Andrew Clinger and allegations he sexually harassed four women in his office.
The Reno City Attorney office did its own investigation of the allegations and through an independent counsel says the city attorney, found nothing.
City Council chose to dig further, and at the time Clinger told us he would not go on administrative leave during that investigation.

“The answer is this, that an independent investigation was done. It was completed two weeks ago. It came to the conclusion that I did nothing wrong. Mr. Peterson has claimed on behalf of his clients, that it was somehow flawed. Council has now hired independent council to review that process. If they come back and say the process was flawed, I am happy to step aside while they continue,” said Clinger.

Just five days later Clinger had a change of heart and has been on administrative leave since the 9th of August 2016.

The city has hired an investigative firm out of Las Vegas to look into claims of the four employees.

Now news that that investigation could be missing an important piece.
Washoe County Sheriff’s office is looking into how some critical documents went missing from the desk of one of the women who has waged a complaint against Clinger.

Attorney William Peterson who represented the four clients on alluded to those documents on August 4th 2016, during our interview at that time.
He says the files contained his client's notes, as well as confidential attorney client correspondence.

Peterson says his client reported the documents missing back in July internally to the city of Reno.

The Sheriff’s office says the city of Reno asked them to investigate the claims about a week ago.