Millennials have influenced the way we drink wine

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RENO,Nev. - (KOLO) According to Christian O'Kuinghttons, sommelier at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Millennials are changing the way we think about wine.

"The evolution of the American palate has been just explosive because of the Millennial," he said. "They're creating this movement where a single, traditional chardonnay that was over-oaked has given way to a high acid chardonnay that has undertones of oak and minerality, more complexity. It's about more value, more food and wine pairings. I think Millennials have changed the way we see and enjoy dining and drinking. Thank you, Millennials."

He says the way Americans enjoy wine evolves through generations.

"The Millennials; they don't want to drink what their parents drank," O'Kuinghttons said. "They're not looking for the traditional single varietal; they're looking for blends, they're looking for food and wine pairings which is something their parents couldn't care less about. They're paying a tremendous amount of attention to a single vineyard, a single expression the ability of that winemaker to represent quality from the vineyard all the way down to the bottle."

This month's Venge wine dinner at the Atlantis Steakhouse has been nearly two years in the making; the wines featured showcase these trends.

"Venge is very well known for blends, very well known for single vineyards, and I think the winemaker, Kirk Venge, has been able to pay attention, see what they're looking for and I think he nailed it," O'Kuinghttons said.