MADE IN NEVADA: The Chocolate Shoppe

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GARDNERVILLE, Nev. (KOLO) -- Delicious treats are just a short drive away at a place that developed a cult following in the heart of Gardnerville.

Some regulars travel from Las Vegas, Southern California and Phoenix to buy this Nevada product.

Lynn Falcone and her husband Harvey Jasny started selling chocolates online but both say they felt deprived of seeing the satisfaction on the faces of their customers, so they opened a store next to Raley's Supermarket in Gardnerville in May of 2012.

Now they give hundreds of samples to their customers every week.

As Lynn gives one of her customers a chocolate, he asks, "Is this new?" Lynn responds, "It's fairly new, yes."

His face falls into a relaxed smile as he savors the dark chocolate creation concocted in The Chocolate Shoppe.

The owners say this simple gesture repeated hundred of times a week are sincere and comes from six years of pent up emotion when the business was Internet only.

"We just didn't like the fact that we never had people coming in... Harvey and I decided one day that we were going to go for it. We were going to give it a shot here in the little down of Gardnerville," said Lynn.

"It's the go to place when you have special gifts that you want to buy," said one customer shortly after walking into The Chocolate Shoppe to enjoy some samples and look around in preparation for Mother's Day.

"Oh that's is so good. so good!" said another customer after enjoying a sample.

"It does my heart good. It's everything that I always wanted," Lynn said after hearing her customers rave about her chocolates.

The chocolate magic starts behind the checkout counter where it's made. Sarah Obadi is one of the chocolatiers. "We taste everything so that way we make sure it stays consistent and tastes great," she said. KOLO 8 News Now's Noah Bond responded," What a rough job." Obadi smiled, "I know it's so horrible."

One of the most popular chocolates is the Ashley's Bordeaux, named after the employee who helped Lynn create the original recipe.

Another specialty that sets The Chocolate Shoppe apart from similar businesses is the food printer. It prints intricate images and colors on chocolate.

Lynn is making Mother's Day heart boxes in preparation for the holiday. She says they are entirely edible and completely hand made, including the colorfully wrapped truffles and Ashley's Bordeoux inside. Each costs $19.50.

One of the best sellers is a new product the Roca Candy was developed for Christmas last year.

"We sold almost 1,000 pounds of that particular product since the day before Thanksgiving," said Harvey.

Customers know when they bite into this chocolate it wasn't mass produced it was made by hand using a recipe concocted in Gardnerville.

The Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce named "The Chocolate Shoppe" the business of the year for 2016.

It also attracts the highest yelp ratings in the Gardnerville area for chocolate.