Lime-S electric scooters lead to problems in South Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KOLO) LimeBikes first arrived in South Lake Tahoe in 2017, but now the addition of Lime-S electric scooters is causing friction in the area. South Lake Tahoe Police say they've received several complaints in just one week.

"Usually it's people going on the wrong side of the road, or riding with traffic, riding without a helmet or two people on a scooter," Travis Cabral of South Lake PD says.

It's the law in South Lake Tahoe to use a helmet when riding anything that is motorized, and police say they're cracking down, and those breaking the law could get a citation.

Mallory Siebold visited and decided to rent a scooter, but says she was unaware of the helmet law.

"If there were helmets, I'm not really even sure where we would get them," Siebold says. "We just find them on the side of the street, pick them up, scan them and go."

Another rider, AnnaMarie Lavish, says she was surprised by how fast the scooters go and fell.

"It goes really fast and I see all these youngsters riding around and things like that," Lavish says. "I mean it was so unstable until you can maneuver the balance of it."

Police say there are about 200 LimeBikes and scooters on average on the streets each day. Cabral says people need to be extra careful, especially during the upcoming summer holidays.

"We ask anyone riding to obey the law, don't ride double, that you have a license and that you're riding in the appropriate areas."

Cabral also warns against operating a Lime-S scooter if you are under the influence.

"Just as any vehicle or type of motorized scooter, you can get a DUI, so we encourage people not to drink and ride these," he says.