Vegas shooter and girlfriend 'Just a normal retired couple'

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Danielle Doane woke up Monday morning to texts from friends about a mass shooting in Las Vegas where she used to live. Later, checking for news reports online she saw a name connected with the incident.

"And as I was scrolling down I saw the name Marilou Danley and that popped out in my head but I didn't know why."

Finally seeing a picture of the alleged shooter's girlfriend with her new car, she realized she'd met the pair at the local Hyundai dealership where she works.

"And I thought, Holy Crap, I just sold them a car."

Doane says she spent hours with the couple in the course of that sale, and, as often happens, she says the conversation led to glimpses of their personal life.

"She talked about how Steve had done all this stuff for her and her family and was a great guy."

They weren't overly affectionate in public, she says, but it was clear the car he was buying was for her. Still, he had done his research and was looking to buy the right car at the right price.

"She was looking at a Lexus and then he was saying he had looked at the Tucson Limited online and thought it was a better value purchase," she says. "I thought that if he was thinking of doing anything crazy he wouldn't care what he paid for this vehicle."

He paid in full with a check. Nothing, she says, unusual about that or anything else about the two of them.

The FBI interviewed her earlier this week. Then she sat down for this exclusive interview with ABC News. Investigators likely left with no easy answers concerning his motive.

"They wanted to know how he acted, was he sick, did he seem to have a plan, which he didn't. I mean it's kind of a weird feeling that I spent five hours with these people, but I think it's more weird that nothing would stick out about them at all, like they were completely normal."