Hundreds take part in 'March against Hate'

RENO, Nev (KOLO) - A Black Lives Matter "March Against Hate" brought droves of people to the streets Sunday evening in Reno.

The March stems from events that have taken place across the nation including one that has ties to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).

Passionate Black Lives Matter demonstrators took over Virginia Street around downtown Reno for a “March against Hate.”

"It shouldn't take skin color in order for us to identify with a system of beliefs," said Grant, one of the demonstrators.

People gathered at UNR near the Joe Crowley Student Union. Event organizers say they held the rally to highlight that racism is not only in Charlottesville, but that it is across the U.S., even here at home.

"It's clearly a problem in our country, when it comes to race and it has gone untalked about for too long. Organizations like Black Lives Matter do a good job of bringing it out into the public and out into a place it becomes a conversation and not something people are scared about," said Louis Magriel, one of the demonstrators.

Hundreds of people marched from the University to the City Plaza. Several speakers shared their various messages. Some spoke about taking action, others more pacifist.

"The speakers that they had were really engaging and really just drove the point home," Alejandra Hernandez-Chavez, one of the demonstrators.

"I think all came from a place of wanting to act and be in support of those who are most targeted by a system of racism and white supremacy," Tara Maria, one of the demonstrators.

Many people who marched talked about UNR student Peter Cvjetanovic. Some are angry that the university is allowing him to stay at the school. Others understand why. But both sides agree on one thing.

"Making sure that White Supremacy goes confronted and into the shadows. We need to be bring that stuff out into the public," said Magriel.

The Reno Police Department says no one was arrested during the march and everyone cooperated.