Gun sales down in Nevada and U.S.

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Guns are one of the most talked about topics in our society. But now, when it comes to buying them, they're not as popular as they once were.

"Boogie man is out. President (Barack) Obama, as much as I strongly didn't agree with his political views, he was my best salesman," said Sharon Oren, owner of Maccabee Arms.

Oren and other gun shop owners nationally have been dealing with a decline in gun sales so far this year.

"If somebody threatens to take something away from you, you want it even more. Now there is nobody else coming at least for now, there is not any more rush or hurry to go and but firearm," said Oren.

Maccabee Arms has been in business since 2010. Oren says this past January has been the slowest since he opened his doors.

FBI data show background checks on gun purchases have taken a hit for the second consecutive month in Nevada and the U.S.

But gun ranges like Big Shot Indoor Range have seen their business remain steady.

"We haven't really seen a drop in sales, but we have seen a rise in rental memberships," said Nathan Brown, Big Shot Indoor Range manager.

Also classes for carry and conceal are in demand. Gary Shank of Top Shot Firearms and Training believes people who bought guns before the November election are now coming back to take classes on how to use them.

"We actually have a backlog of people looking for the next week. Now I think the panic is off, now they want to take the time and actually learn how to use these guns," said Shank, Top Shot Firearms & Training Instructor.

Even though gun sales are down, Oren keeps the problem in prospective.

"I rather keep my constitutional rights and lose some business than the other way around," said Oren.