Gun control advocates rally ahead of weekend gun show

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Crossroads of the West Gun Show will likely draw a few thousand to the convention center this weekend. Friday morning it drew a couple dozen gun control advocates to the sidewalk across the street.

Hosted by the Nevada Gun Safety Coalition, the press conference and rally drew speakers from other organizations as well.

"If a person can't drive an automobile without taking a test, why is it so hard, it's senseless that they don't have to take a background test to get a gun," asked Patricia Gallimore of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the NAACP.

No new ground was broken. The major talking points have long been familiar.

"Politicians and pundits keep telling us now is not the time to comment on the issue," said Dr. John Packham of the Nevada Public Health Association. "I think we all can chew gum and walk at the same time. In other words we can grieve and have this conversation."

The opinion of Attorney General Adam Laxalt that Question One, mandating background checks at shows like this weekend's, and passed narrowly by Nevada voters last fall, could not be implemented was held up as an example of the NRA's oversized influence on the gun control debate.

"Simply, the NRA didn't want him to," said Diana Loring, representing the social media advocacy group One Pulse.

Laxalt contends, as written, the ballot question is unenforceable.

There was no call to obstruct or interfere with the gun show itself. It will simply serve as a background for an issue that these advocates admit has no one solution.

"There is no one solution," said Nevada Gun Safety Coalition Chair Chip Evans. "It's not just sorting people, sorting guns. It's working both ends of that spectrum. We just got to get dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who are not appropriate to be carrying guns."