Governor Sandoval signs numerous bills Friday

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Governor Brian Sandoval signed into law several bills Friday, including measures that expand Career and Technical Education outreach to emerging industries, increase the scope of services offered by the Aging and Disability Services Division, and provide greater flexibility to the Nevada Grants Office.

Assembly Bill 31 is an executive agency bill sponsored by the Aging and Disability Services Division within the Department of Health and Human Services. This measure expands the scope of services offered by the Division to elderly persons and individuals with disabilities. This will enable the State to better serve Nevadan’s with intellectual or physical disabilities and allow the Division to provide services to some residents who are younger than 60 years old.

Assembly Bill 98 was sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson and Minority Leader Paul Anderson on behalf of the Nevada Grants Office. The bill expands the staff of the office and provides greater flexibility to the office in pursuing grant opportunities by removing mandatory preferences currently in statute. The office is currently limited to two staff members, and the office must give priority in pursuing grant opportunities to health and human services, energy, and economic development grant awards. AB98 removes the 2-staff member limitation, subject to legislative appropriation, and eliminates the mandatory priority provisions. AB98 was non-controversial and passed both houses unanimously.

Assembly Bill 482 removes restrictive language in statute that prescribes the purposes for which Career and Technical Education grants may be awarded. Under AB482, grants will be awarded according to criteria adopted by the Board of Education upon recommendations from the State’s Industry Sector Councils. This bill expands the flexibility of the Department of Education to award CTE grants to programs of instruction in emerging industries and better align Nevada’s growing workforce with the jobs of the new Nevada economy.

In addition to the bills described above, Governor Sandoval signed into law May 19, 2017:

Assembly Bill 4 Assembly Bill 134
Assembly Bill 6 Assembly Bill 170
Assembly Bill 11 Assembly Bill 324
Assembly Bill 33 Assembly Bill 340
Assembly Bill 239 Senate Bill 32
Senate Bill 44 Assembly Bill 108
Assembly Bill Senate Bill 40
Assembly Bill 79

Additionally, Governor Sandoval signed into law 10 bills Thursday, May 18:

Senate Bill 175
Senate Bill 198 Senate Bill 16
Senate Bill 45 Senate Bill 42
Senate Bill 13 Senate Bill 197
Assembly Bill 27 Senate Bill 7
Senate Bill 22

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