French president calls knife attack 'barbarous'

Fatal Knife attack at Marseille train station, France, Photo Date: 10/1/2017 Photo: ABC 7 / Youtube
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MARSEILLE, France (AP) - France's President Emmanuel Macron says he is "deeply outraged" by a "barbarous" knife attack that left two women dead at Marseille's main train station.

Macron also paid tribute to the French soldiers assigned to domestic security who the president said in a tweet responded with cool heads and efficiency.

The French government this month decided to maintain the military force of 7,000 soldiers that was created to protect sensitive sites after the deadly extremist attacks of 2015

Prime minister Edouard Philippe also praised the soldiers who shot the suspect and stopped the "killing frenzy"

He expressed condolences to the victims' families and concern for Marseille residents.


3:50 p.m.

French officials say that two women have been killed in the attack by a man with a knife at Marseille's main train station, including one whose throat was slit.

The officials say soldiers then fatally shot the attacker. Police have evacuated the Saint Charles station, with officers and soldiers taking up positions outside.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation.

The Paris prosecutors' office says that a counter-terrorism probe has been opened, but no motive for the attack has been immediately given.

--By Philippe Sotto and Sylvie Corbet in Paris.


3:05 p.m.

French police have warned people to avoid Marseille's main train station amid reports of a knife attack.

Marseille police said an operation "is underway" on its official Twitter account. No other details were immediately available.

French television BFM TV says at least one person has been stabbed, and the assailant has been shot dead.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb tweeted that he's going immediately to the scene "after the attack perpetrated near Saint Charles train station."

The train station has been evacuated.

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